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Exclusive tourist destination located along the Tyrrhenian coast at the island of Giglio, Punta Ala boasts beautiful beaches of fine golden sand, modern beach resorts and sports centers very equipped. Punta Ala owes its development to the aviator Italo Balbo, who bought several properties in the area and turned it into a training base for its fleet. The transformation of the area into a real seaside resort occurred in the 60s of the twentieth century in conjunction with the Italian economic boom. Soon they began the construction of many villas on the sea, residential and tourist complexes, this place became the elegant and modern tourist town known today in Italy and abroad. The small port of Punta Ala is located in the center of the country and is organized as a meeting and an evening meeting for locals and tourists. All around open restaurants with sea views, and local nightlife.

In the past the promontory of Punta Ala was a border land between the Principality of Piombino and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany where the pirate invasions were greatly feared. Alongside the modern buildings are thus ancient structures used for a long time as lookout points and defense. And 'the case of Hidalgo Tower and the Castle of Punta Ala erected by the Medici both dating back to' 500. On the islet of Hawk just off the beach rises the Tower of the Appiani, the scene of battles and violent deaths that already around the '600 decreed its abandonment.

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